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This is for planning purposes to make things easy & see what our options are each weekend. It has tabs at the top if you want to just see the schedule for each type of event. The main/ALL tab has everything! Because it would be too hard to maintain each type of event tab separately with updates, those separate tabs are just linked to the data on the main/ALL tab (as in, coding pulls in the data to those tabs from the original data on the main/ALL tab)... because of that, those individual tabs are missing some of the finer details... such as: the links don't carry over, individual text formatting within a cell (such as red notes when it's not just Fri-Sun or bolded items like notes for "ISC on Saturday"), however if the whole cell is bold, that still works through Conditional Formatting. So, the separate event tabs are for easy reference for a list of just those types of events, however they're not as good as the main/ALL tab.

On the main/ALL tab...
  • EVENT COLORS: You will notice that each type of event is a different color, those colors are associated with each type of event. The colors should allow for easily identifying the different event types & be easily recognizable once you get used to the colors - they also match the tabs at the top, so the tabs at the top are kind of like a color key!

  • LOCATION COLUMN: Bolded locations are "further away" (further than 1.5 hrs drive, for those of us in the PDX area, meaning an overnight if more than one day) locations.

  • CLUB/JUDGES COLUMN: The text in these columns are linked to an event page hosted by the trial secretary/show superintendent, if available, where you can get more on the trial/show, including [usually] the premium once available.

  • ORGANIZER COLUMN: This is the trial secretary or superintendent that you send your entries to.

  • ENTER/ED COLUMN: Once the premium is available, I'll add the little icon of the paper/pencil (📝) & that will either be linked to the premium directly or, for Lori's trials, to the event page where the premium is attached (the reason for this is sometimes there are updates, so I don't want to link directly to a premium that could change... but the icon still indicates when a premium is available, so you don't have to keep checking).

    There is also a column for my purposes (since I'm the creator, ha) of whether I've entered the trial/show yet or if I intend to... Key for that is: if the cell is background is... orange: I intend to enter, orange/checked: entry submitted pending confirmation, green/checked: entry confirmation received

  • CLOSES COLUMN: This will show the date the trial/show closes. I have Conditional Formatting setup for this column, so that when the closing date is within 2 weeks away, the cell background will automatically turn yellow & the text will be bolded. When the closing date has passed, it will automatically be crossed out & the yellow/bold will go away.

Creating & maintaining this schedule takes a lot of work & time... if you'd like to support my efforts, donations are much appreciated!! 💙

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