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1st Anniversary Party

JUNE 25, 2011  • 



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We are very happy to invite you to our Anniversary Party/Picnic (aka June Fest) on Saturday, June 25, 2011 to celebrate our one year of marriage!! So mark your calendars & keep that day open! (Our Wedding was: June 20, 2010!)

We're having this party because a lot of people weren't able to come to our wedding with only 2 weeks notice... So we wanted to have an anniversary party, in the same place - with more notice - so that hopefully everyone who couldn't come (& those that did) to the wedding, could come celebrate with us!

We're hoping to see all of our friends & family at this party! It's so hard to get people together with everyone's busy schedules, so we're hoping this is an occasion that everyone will be able to gather for. It'll also be great to see some people that we haven't seen in a long time - kind of like a reunion. Bring your significant other, kids, & dogs!

I've used the website I made for our wedding & changed it a little bit for June Fest, to be able to easily share all of the information with everyone. June Fest is very close now, so check out the website for all the information you'll need & please RSVP by June 20th!
Contact Lauren if you have any questions.

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