Lauren & Jon's Wedding

JUNE 20, 2010  • 


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About Lauren

Lauren grew up in northern Virginia & is the oldest of 3. The most important thing to her is to have a loving & supportive relationship with a partner & friend that she can share experiences with. Now that she's found that person, she is very excited to have the wedding she's always dreamed of & spend the rest of her life with him.

Lauren has always loved spending time outdoors while camping, snowboarding, horseback riding, on the river, 3-day music festivals, rock climbing, & more. In February 2009 she lost her beloved Papillon named Tyler that she loved very much & was her best little buddy. (He was also supposed to be the ring bearer at the wedding.) Though she misses him dearly, she recently got another Papillon puppy named Riley. She is also very good on the computer & likes to figure out how to create things on her own, such as this website.

Lauren is not exactly sure what she will end up doing for a career. Right now she is enjoying the adventure with her love while she can before it's time to settle down with more responsibilities. Eventually she would like to have a timber frame house on a little bit of land, with great scenery, in Colorado or West Virginia. She has hopes of opening a dog boarding kennel or an adventure outfitter. Other possibilities are working at a whitewater outfitter in the summer, a ski resort in the winter, & traveling in between. She might also start a website building service on the side. As long as she has Jon by her side she'll be happy wherever life finds her.

About Jon

Jon, the oldest of 2, was born & raised in central West Virginia. He is passionate about the 35th state & knows everything about its history. He couldn't imagine marrying the love of his life anywhere else in the world. This is why he & Lauren have chosen a beautiful outdoor setting, in the town where he grew up, & on the date of the anniversary of the day West Virginia became a state.

Growing up in a family of river paddlers, Jon started paddling at a very young age & had his first kayak by the time he was 4. He also has an extreme love of travel & adventure. He's happiest enjoying the freedom of being on the road with no obligations or time frame & great sites to see.

Jon has had a variety of different jobs throughout his life. He is extremely smart, creative, & talented. He has a great work ethic & loves doing whatever he can, the best he can, at his job. He has many thoughts & goals for the future that include: raft guiding, kayak instructing, cooking, owning an outfitter or restaurant, teaching, working on cars, & more. He too just wants to enjoy life & see new places with the one he loves & their family.

How We Met

Somehow, through their love of the outdoors & outdoor recreation, they both found themselves working at the same whitewater outfitter in Harpers Ferry, WV. Work didn't seem like work there, a lot of people lived at the outfitter during the summer season, & there were always people hanging out after work. They started hanging out with the same group of friends & eventually started really enjoying each other's company. They had a great summer together & kept growing closer. When the season was coming to an end they realized they didn't want to be without each other. So Lauren joined Jon on his adventure to work at an outfitter in Texas for the winter. Now they can't wait to spend the rest of their lives having adventures & a family together.